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Monica Ruwe

OMG/// i will say i was crying... Thank you god... This is why my dogs are microchipped... I never want to loose my babies.... Love it!!!!


We had a dog get out when the gate was inadvertently left open. We looked high and low for the dog for months. Finally after about 4 months we got a call from someone who claimed to have seen the dog at a gas station in a small down about 15 minute drive from where we lived. We rushed out there and the guy told us he had brought the dog to the vet about 10 miles down the road. Again, excited we made our way to the vet to get our lost pet. Our reunion would not be so happy though. The dog had epilepsy and after it had suffered its 5th seizure in 3 days they vet did what he thought was the kind thing and euthanised her. Had we had her microchiped, we would have had her back.My brother was especally devastated he spent every cent he made at his part time job to buy the medication and special food the dog needed to control her seizures.
Let this be a lesson - if you truly love your pet, have it microchipped, it could save its life.


So sorry Danica :-(

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